Former Vodafone Boss Blows Whistle on 5G Corona Virus Agenda (Video & Transcript) 6-2-2022

I was the head of the largest business unit at Vodafone. Their headquarters in Newberry between 2013 through 2015. Um, I was privy to a number of the new tech technologies that were coming down the pipe that was going to be implemented, naming-ly the internet of things, and secondly, the 5g technology.

I knew a long time ago that 5g was dangerous, but I didn’t understand the correlation with the Corona virus, which I am now doing. And I want to be able to explain that to you. So what is happening, um, is a deliberate strategy to roll out 5G, which is the fifth generation internet. Um, radio spectrum frequencies that enable mobile phones, smart phones, and all devices to function on a much faster processing ability and with the introduction of AI and artificial intelligence and the internet of things, where all devices will be connected.
So whether it’s your car, whether it’s your phone, whether it’s your fridge refrigerator, whether it’s your electricity in your house, it’s all going to be on a smart grid, effectively a type of matrix, unfortunately, sorry to use that term. So what is happening is that this technology has to be rolled out globally.

My companies I used to work for, and as they’re running their largest worldwide business unit, um, is Vodafone, Vodafone, or in partnership with. Who way or highway, whatever you call them, the Chinese telecoms company. And they have been rolling out systematic 5g implementation in multiple locations. What’s the relevance, the frequency that they’re using.

And I also ran a telecoms company back in 2010 through to 20 13, 14. Some of you will be aware that specialized in radio spectrum that we, this is ability to take external signals. From satellites into buildings. Um, and so that the frequency that you experienced in power on your phone is the same in the building, as it is outside of the building.

When mobile networks were created, initially, they thought people will be on the road all the time. Hence why they were called mobile phones. But actually what happened is people use their mobile phones in buildings and the signal wasn’t strong enough dependent for 10 penetrate buildings. That’s called radio spectrum.
And there. Um, megahertz frequencies, et cetera. So the 5g frequency is a very high frequency, very, very, very high frequency. It is just below the classification of a weapon. Uh, and I’ll tell you.


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