1. Proof of Submission to Trump

Relax. Trump already won. He forced the globe to submit to #MAGA under fear of DECLASS. Everything you are witnessing now is the dead cat bounce of Satanic Socialists. And it will wake up BILLIONS.

Here’s proof to make your day.


2. Saudi Arabia submitted.

Way back in mid 2017, Trump made a trip to Saudi Arabia. The King SUBMITTED publicly by holding a sword dance in honor of Trump.

This is symbolic of going to war together. Q140

In Oct 2017, 1 side of [their] pyramid fell with the SA Coup.


3. Israel submitted.

Immediately after leaving SA, Trump went to Israel. Even today SA & Israel are still getting along.

Trump visited the wailing wall. Israel publicly submitted by allowing the US to move our embassy to Jerusalem with our military protection.
4. Vatican submitted.

Trump left Israel & flew straight to Rome. Pope Francis would have been shown CONCRETE evidence of human trafficking provided by the new coalition of US, SA & IS.

Red lines were drawn in the sand. The Pope submitted publicly in this picture.

5. The EU & NATO submitted

Trump then left Rome & flew to Brussels. The EU & NATO now realized “we have it all”, and [they] were told to stand down on #BREXIT and pay more for #NATO. EU leaders publicly submitted in this photo when Trump walks in late like a boss.

6. Las Vegas Battle

In Oct 2017, Q implied [they] tried to take out the new SA Crown Prince Bin Salman (good guy). Former evil SA Crown Prince Alwaleed is neutralized.

He just happened to control Twitter. We now control Twitter.

This was a KEY EVENT.
Go read Q117.


7. Big Tech CEO submission.

With the takedown of puppeteer Alwaleed, Crown Prince Bin Salman goes on a Trump approved submission trip to all the CEO’s formally owned & controlled by the SA side of the pyramid.

Google. Apple. Twitter. Facebook. Microsoft. Etc.

8. Japan submitted.

With the Middle East & Big Tech in submission, Trump turns his attention to Asia in Nov 2017. Japan submitted when they let Trump hand out the sumo champion trophy. The Japanese Emperor died removing another [Old House Family] from control.

9. SK & NK submitted.

Trump left Japan & flew to SK. Many believe this was the 1st time Trump went to the NK border to meet with Kim. Just a few weeks earlier, the nuclear research mountain in NK “collapsed” killing [their] nuclear scientists.

Removing nuke threat?

10. China submitted.

Trump then flies to China to meet with Xi in the Forbidden City. This is a MASSIVE act of submission. Remember Xi had already visited Trump at Mar A Lago for a few days in the Spring of 2017.

China wants to rid itself of its deep state as well.

#QAnon 11. Vietnam submitted.

Trump then heads to Vietnam to get Southeast Asian leaders to submit including Singapore & the Philippines.

Trump is placed in the honor position to the right of Vietnam leader as proof of submission.

It is all about stopping trafficking.

12. Davos CEO’s submitted.

As we enter 2018, the world leaders understand the plan & average US citizens are waking up to Q.

Trump flies into the Lion’s Den at Davos Switzerland with Soros present. All the largest global CEO’s & Bankers submit to Trump at Davos.

13. India submitted.

Trump now turns his focus to India. Their leader Modi submits publicly to Trump with these hugs. He also clasped his hands together in this photo to show his hands were tied & he submitted. These comms are important to [them] & very symbolic.

14. Central America submitted.

Trump gets the new President in Mexico to submit. Along with Central American leaders. The cartels all must be removed with military over time.

Trump hovers over their leaders as they submit by ending illegal migrant caravans.

15. Brazil submitted.

Trump welcomes a new friend to the table when Brazil elects their version of Trump with Bolsonaro as President. He submits (hands clasped in photo) & quickly arrests Oprah’s best friend, spiritual advisor and accused trafficker, John of God.

#QAnon 15. Brazil submitted.

Trump welcomes a new friend to the table when Brazil elects their version of Trump with Bolsonaro as President. He submits (hands clasped in photo) & quickly arrests Oprah’s best friend, spiritual advisor and accused trafficker, John of God.

#QAnon 16. Argentina submitted.

At the G7 in Argentina, Trump corrals all the global bankers together & forces their submission. Then Trump walks off stage leaving the Argentina President all alone showing Argentina’s submission to Trump. Argentina is a trafficking hideout.

17. Trudeau & Merkel submitted.

Trudeau & Merkel submitted to Trump at the G7 Summit in Canada. These images of Trump with his arms crossed are yet another sign that [they] have submitted to Trump. Notice Trudeau with his hands clasped together. Beautiful submission.

18. Macron submitted.

Macron is married to one of [them], and he worked for the Rothschilds. Yet he completely submitted to Trump in these photos. Trump has it all, and these leaders are being tasked with cleaning up [their] deep states or Trump will DECLASS it all.

19. May submitted.

Remember when Theresa May cried like a baby and resigned to allow BoJo (Trump supporter) to take over as Prime Minister of England. May owes Trump her life. Q hinted that Trump alerted May to a hit on her by [them].

20. Queen submitted.

The Queen submitted to Trump when she allowed him to walk in front of her during a review of her honor guard. Then she placed Trump under her sigil in the center position. Then she had him sit in Winston Churchill’s chair. Total submission photos.

21. Prince Charles submitted.

Just like the Queen, Trump is ushered in front of Prince Charles to review his own honor guard. This is a blatant act of submission. So much winning. I think we have all of the Royals Gold safely stored in America. To keep them honest.

22. Russia submitted.

Trump continues on his global submission tour and visits Norway to meet Putin. In that famous summit, Putin throws Trump a soccer ball and says “the ball is in your court”. Absolute submission. The entire world is playing ball now.

23. Kevin Spacey submitted.

Spacey delivered “pizza” to the press wearing a hat that said “retired since 2017”, and then he made those creepy “House of Cards” videos. Spacey was at Epstein Island. He knows it all. He submitted & flipped. Justice will still be served.

24. George Bush submitted.

Bush also delivered “pizza” to his secret service detail in another act of submission. And at the funeral for Poppy, we all saw his “non reaction” to the Letters as Jeb and Laura (Laurel) panicked. Submission.

25. Schumer/Pelosi submitted.

Both of these shrewd political operatives have been “intentionally” making horrible decisions for the Democrat Party. They are destroying the Dems from within. They submitted in that fake video backdrop speech. Hands clasped in photo.

26. Newsom/Brown submitted.

After the Paradise Fires, Trump toured the carnage with Gov Newsom & Gov Brown. You can watch the video on YT. For 3 straight minutes both of them keep their hands “tied behind their backs” as Trump talks to the press. Absolute submission.

27. Cuomo submitted.

In Gov Cuomo’s recent press conference, he submitted to Trump by visibly wearing his double “piercings” under his shirt. You can see them clearly in the photo. Believe it or not. Cuomo has destroyed his credibility with the COVID mismanagement.


  1. Fed submitted. During COVID, the Federal Reserve took a back seat to the Trump controlled Treasury Department for the 1st time in 100 years. The Fed submitted & paid out all the liquidity while our Treasury secured the assets. It used to be the other way around.#QAnon

29. GOP Senators submitted.

Every GOP Senator that voted to confirm Brennan during Obama’s reign of treason has either resigned, retired or submitted to Trump.

Trump has already cleaned up the GOP. The Dems have not cleaned house at all yet.

2020 Landslide.


Oops. I meant Finland not Norway.

30. New Zealand submitted.

NZ was corrupted by our own rogue C_A, and it was intended to be [their] hideout during [HRC]’s reign of terror on Earth.

After the Christchurch FF & 5 Eyes Spying, Trump brought NZ into submission in late 2019.

Hands clasped. Thumbs up.
#QAnon 31. Lindsey Graham submitted.

[LG] was compromised by NoName. He helped take that dog down.

This photo from NoName’s funeral shows submission where Gen Kelly signals to LG the Military is watching who you talk too. Kissinger?

Gen Kelly is a Patriot by the way.

32. NoName did not submit.

NoName decided not to submit. So he was executed for treason.

I bet the [deep state] didn’t expect that. Q1649 predicted his “death” to coincide with National DOG Day.

Notice the wrinkled US flag draped over his coffin? Submission.

#QAnon 33. In case you are wondering, the original submission thread was written by me way back on 8/25/19 but it was deleted when my old account was removed. Here is the screen shot. This new version is slightly updated.
34. High coven leader Chrissy Teigen finally submitted when she delivered these 3 pizzas to the press while having her daughter hold a doll of a naked child. Don’t worry, full justice will be coming. Her husband John Legend likely submitted as well.

35. Ellen submitted. In this picture she is assuming the pose of the Hanged Man (surrender) from Freemasonry. Then she is seen wearing 11:11 on her shirt. Q has said 11:11 is a marker. Ask yourself why [she] is cancelling her show & getting outed suddenly as a tyrant? Submission.